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Jim's passion is for people. The person, and also the stuff of that person’s life – the struggles and the whimsy, the successes and the tragedies, the interaction between them and their environment. In capturing that drama, the most fun is getting people involved with making the picture, wanting to be in a shot, enjoying the experience. This has given me a portfolio of amazing, insightful looks into the everyday life of remote cultures. I started my travel photography with landscapes and monuments. But when I got home, it was always the pictures of people that meant the most, that really captured the spirit of the place. I have been to nearly forty countries. The more remote and the less explored, the better for me. And I love meeting the people. I was born in Detroit. In a thirty year career at Kodak, I explored virtually every aspect of professional photography – marketing, sales, technology, manufacturing, and photo science. Now, I have built upon this by mastering the elements of digital photography and image creation. I live in Pittsford, NY with Liz, two parrots, and a Mac. My pictures have been displayed in several shows in Rochester, mostly at the Image City Photo Gallery where I am an Artist in Residence. Every four weeks, I have a new panel of pictures at the Gallery. I have additional works displayed at Edibles in Rochester. Liz's passion is for writing.

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