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I ordered a Canon S90 Camera

Canon just announced two new point and shoot cameras, the G-11 and the S90. Both use the same sensor, twice the physical size of the standard P&S. Canon redesigned the sensor for better hi ISO performance (the failure of most P&S cameras.) The S90 has a f/2 lens, small size (half the weight of the G-11), shoots raw, IS, and Li batteries. Alas, it has no viewfinder (I think the G-11 is the last man standing in the characteristics, bummer) and the long zoom is shorter than the G-11. Both DP Review and David Pogue had great things to say about the S90.

So, today I ordered the S90 and put my G-10 up for sale ($375 including second battery.) I pre-ordered the camera from Amazon; hopefully they will be in stock in a couple weeks.

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