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Nikon is dropping support for their film scanners including my 4000 ED. Their software was never very good  for the 4000 ED (they did do a much better job with the 5000 ED) so I have been using Silverfast software with the scanner. Unfortunately, when I moved from the PC to the MAC, the Silverfast software was not compatible with 10.5. Nikon was even more behind.  I really had a hard time getting a usable scan. Silverfast released version 6.6 in July, which is Leopard (and supposedly Snow Leopard) compatible. The upgrade was $89 and suddenly makes my film scanner usable again; phoenix from the ashes!

Now, the truth is that I have not shot a picture on film is nearly five years. However, I do have a lot of film with many images that still need to be scanned or rescanned.

If you are a MAC user with a Nikon Scanner, check it out. http://www.silverfast.com/  (They even have a word on their website that Kodak does not have… Kodachrome!)

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Working on my website.

I have been working to improve the appearance of my website. I host the site on http://www.homestead.com, which has nice drag and drop properties for making website. One does not need any html expertise on Homestead, which is a good thing. Ken Elliott, a commercial website designer (www.shorelinedesign.com) has been my mentor.

I used Flash Slide Show Maker ($50) to create slide shows. It is straight forward to use (well, after a little learning.)

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